Council Tax discounts

Empty and unoccupied property

Empty and unfurnished property discount

If a property is empty and unfurnished Council Tax will not be charged for 1 month.

However if the property has been empty beforehand ie. for more than one month, then you will not be entitled to this discount. In this situation you will pay 100% in Council Tax.

If a property remains empty and unfurnished for more than 2 years a 50% premium will be charged. In this situation you will pay 150% in Council Tax.

Unoccupied but furnished property

There is no discount where a property is unoccupied but substantially furnished, a 'second home'.

However, if a person is liable for Council Tax and has to live elsewhere as a requirement of their employment, a 50% discount may be given on their unoccupied but furnished home

(only applies where both properties are in England, Scotland or Wales).

  • Email us for more information on the work related discount.