Report a change of circumstance

Tell us if someone in your household dies

When somebody dies, we need to update the council tax account: 

  • We will transfer any credit to a new account or refund it to the persons executor or representative (the person who deals with their personal affairs). 

  • If you are a surviving partner and you confirm that you are now the only adult in the household, we will give you a single person discount. 

  • if the person was an owner-occupier who lived alone, we’ll exempt the property from Council Tax until it is occupied again, or until probate is granted. Charges may be payable after 6 months  

  • if the household is claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, or the surviving partner may now qualify for benefit, we will adjust the claim if necessary. 

Please use the Tell Us Once service to report a death to most government organizations and council departments in one go.