Budgets and spending

Our annual budget

Councillors are required to approve an annual budget and Council Tax by 11 March each year. The budget is an annual plan of the business activities of the council.

Read a summary of the budget.

Statement of accounts

Each year, we produce a statement of accounts that provides information about costs and income of our services for the financial year and liabilities and assets at the year end. View the statement of accounts.

Medium term financial strategy

The medium term financial strategy sets out our strategic approach to the management of our finances and presents indicative budgets and Council Tax levels for the medium term. It covers the general fund revenue account and the capital programme, and includes grant funded projects. There are a number of assumptions made within this plan that are regularly reappraised and updated, and this is formally approved as part of the Council Tax and budget setting process.

Read our Medium Term Financial Strategy 2016/17 to 2019/20.

Invoices over £500

View a list of invoices over £500.

Fees for services

View a list of all fees for our services.

Senior management salaries

View the salaries of all senior managers at the council.


View information about allowances we provide: