Litter and graffiti


Report litter or someone for dropping litter. If you have footage (e.g. from a dashcam) of somebody dropping litter from a vehicle then this can be submitted as evidence.

By law, you cannot drop litter in any open public place, this includes cigarette butts and chewing gum.

We can fine anyone that drops litter £150.

If you fail to pay the fine within 14 days legal proceedings will be started. A Magistrate's Court may impose a fine of up to £2,500.

Community Clean-Ups

Keep Britain Tidy

We can support local community litter-picks and clean-ups by loaning available equipment to organised events, and by providing red bin bags to volunteers.



Report graffiti on public property.

We will arrange for graffiti on public property to be removed. The timescale for its removal will depend upon the content.


Report an area with flytipping or someone that you have seen flytipping.

We will take action on flytipping and the dumping of waste on public roads and land we own. We will prosecute anyone we can identify as having dumped waste.

Find out about how you can help stop fly-tipping in the district.


Report flyposting or someone that you have seen flyposting.

We will remove illegally posted adverts and posters on property in the area.