Access to NHS services

Registering with a GP

The NHS is responsible for nearly all community, general practice and hospital services for veterans the families of veterans. 

It’s important to register with a GP (General Practitioner) as soon as possible, especially if you are on any medication or continuing some other type of treatment or care. You must give your F MED 133 Medical History on Release From HM Forces to the practice you register with. If your doctor requires more of your medical information they can request it from: 

Personnel Centre 
Secretariat Disclosure 3 (Medical) 
MP 525, Kentigern House 
65 Brown Street 
G2 8EX 

It is important to ensure that your GP surgery registers you on the NHS system as a veteran or as the family / dependant of a former serving member of British Armed Forces. These codes flag to the GP and other NHS services that you are a veteran or family member and, as such, can be supported through the Covenant. One aspect of this is, subject to clinical need, a member of the Armed Forces can be prioritised for treatment. 

The Covenant states that veterans receive their healthcare from the NHS, and should receive priority treatment where it relates to a condition which results from their service in the Armed Forces, subject to need. 

Those injured in service, whether physically or mentally, should be cared for in a way which reflects the nation’s moral obligation to them whilst respecting the individual’s wishes. For those with concerns about their health, where symptoms may not present for some time after leaving service, they should be able to access services with health professionals who have an understanding of Armed Forces culture. 


Transferring NHS medical care from one area to another 

If an immediate family member has been on an NHS waiting list for treatment (whether physical, mental or dental health treatment) in the area of your previous posting, the time spent on the waiting list will be taken into account when you register for treatment in this area. 

This is because the NHS Constitution in England has been changed to embed the two key principles of the Armed Forces Covenant.  Page 17 of the Handbook to the NHS Constitution  states: 

"As part of this principle and in line with the Armed Forces Covenant, the NHS will ensure that members of the Armed Forces community (including those serving, reservists, their families and veterans) are supported, treated equally and receive the same standard of, and access to healthcare as any other UK citizen in the area they live…… Families of serving personnel moving around the country, any time taken on an NHS treatment waiting list will be taken into account in their new location."

This principle applies to a final posting from the last place of service to a permanent new home. 

If you do experience problems with transferring your NHS waiting list time, contact the relevant Families Federation:

  • Army Families federation - AFF health and additional needs specialist at 
  • Naval Families Federation -  or calll 023 9265 4374
  • RAF Families Federation  


Local authorities health and wellbeing services 

Local authorities work to improve the health and wellbeing of its residents. Information on a range of health and wellbeing issues can be found on the Healthy Harborough page. Personalised care for veterans is about making sure you get good person-centred care in your local area.