Missed collections

Service information

Garden waste collections have been suspended for the week commencing 13 March 2023.

Please do not report your green bin as being missed. You will receive an additional collection at the beginning of December 2023.


We will only collect missed bins (black and blue-lidded) that are reported within 7 days of the collection date. We will only empty green garden waste bins from households that have opted-in to the garden waste collection service. 

Vehicle limitations

The lifts on our vehicles are limited and we will not lift any bin over 100kg . We will not return to collect bins over this weight and you will be have to remove some of the waste before putting the bin out on the next scheduled collection day.

Before you report a missed bin collection

Before reporting a missed bin collection please check that:

  1. It is the correct day for the collection of the bin you have put out; find out what day your bin is collected
  2. Your bin was presented at the roadside by 7am (unless you have an assisted collection service) - any missed collections due to residents not presenting the bin correctly will be collected on the next scheduled collection day (our bin lorries are fitted with technology that records if properties' bins are correctly presented at the kerbside during the collection period from 7am on the day of collection)
  3. A sticker has not been placed on your bin explaining why it was not collected
  4. Your collection is not being carried out later than the time it is usually carried out: our bin collection teams may just be slightly later than usual in collecting your bins; if your bin is not collected by 5pm on the day of collection please report this (there is no fixed time for collections and times can change on a weekly basis; it is helpful to check if your neighbours bins have been collected before reporting a missed bin)
  5. If you are attempting to report a missed garden waste collection, the online report form will now allow you to proceed unless you have an active garden waste subscription for the current service year. You can sign up to our garden waste collection service and manage your subscription on our garden waste webpage. If you have subscribed to our garden waste collection service but the online report form is not allowing you to proceed with a missed garden waste collection report, please contact our customer service team via email at Customer.Services@harborough.gov.uk

A bin that has been reported as 'missed' on the usual day of collection will be collected within 2 working days (working week Monday to Friday). 

Report a missed bin