Unitary Authority

Published Tuesday 17 July 2018

In June 2018, Leicestershire County Council Leader Nick Rushton said he wanted to start a conversation about creating a unitary authority to replace the county council and the seven district councils.

The County Council has said that initial proposals will now be drawn up over the summer and early thoughts sought from residents, district councils, businesses, MPs, universities and other people this autumn.

A full public consultation on more detailed proposals is planned by the County Council for early next year.

A unitary authority is a single-tier authority with responsibility for all local government functions within its area. It would replace all district and borough councils in the county.

In response to the proposals, Councillor Neil Bannister, Leader of Harborough District Council, said: “We are aware that Leicestershire County Council is exploring the idea of creating a Unitary Authority and I look forward to engaging in discussions around this. Whilst we understand the financial pressures the County Council is under, it is important that any proposals put forward are in the best interests of residents in the Harborough district and I will be working hard to ensure this on their behalf.”