Innovative electric street cleaning vehicle trialled

Published Thursday 7 March 2019

An innovative electric-powered street cleaning vehicle has been successfully trialled in the Harborough district – and more could be used in the future.

Harborough District Council, in partnership with its recycling and waste contractor FCC Environment, trialled the Bradshaw cage tipper, with pressure washer, for one week in February 2019 across the Harborough district.

The success of the trial means similar zero-emissions vehicles could be rolled out in the Electric waste vehicleHarborough district in the future.

Councillor Jonathan Bateman, Harborough District Council’s portfolio holder for Environment and Regulatory Services said: “As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon emissions and getting value for money, the aim of this trial was to identify strengths and weaknesses, if any, of the vehicle, and consider any potential benefits to the street cleaning work we do. I am delighted that the trials have proved very positive and, whilst this vehicle has now moved on to be trialled in other areas, we will now be looking at potentially using electric vehicles, where appropriate, in future years.”

The cage tipper has a maximum speed of just over 30mph and can be used for approximately eight hours per charge.

The Council said it was particularly impressed with the electric vehicle’s ability to access difficult-to-reach areas such as small paths, and its mounted 200 litre jet washer which proved very effective in the cleansing of litter bins, bollards, park benches, and helping clean away graffiti.

Electric vehicle trialElectric vehicle trial