Pay and display machines go cashless

Published Friday 29 March 2019

A number of parking machines in Market Harborough will be ‘going cashless’ to improve security.

Parking machineFive of the current pay and display machines in Market Harborough will only accept card payments and will be clearly identified as being cashless only.

Harborough District Council is introducing the new measures in April 2019 after pay and display machines were targeted by thieves in recent months.

The Council said the cashless machines would will save money on cash collections and reduce the opportunity for theft.

Initially, three card only machines will be in Sainsbury’s car park and two in the Commons car park in Market Harborough. This will leave six and four machines, in each respective car park, accepting coins.

The Council said it has selected car parks where there a multiple parking machines to see what impact going cashless will have on how people pay for parking.

The new measures will be reviewed after six months.