Getting the best housing opportunities for residents

Published Friday 5 April 2019

Creating the best housing opportunities for residents and tackling issues such as homelessness and rough sleeping are the focus of a major new strategy.

On 8 April 2019, Harborough District Council’s Executive is set to consider its five-year Housing and the Prevention of Homelessness and Rough Sleeping strategy.


Following consultation with residents and key organisations, the strategy brings together priorities and actions to meet current and future housing needs in the Harborough district in line with the emerging Local Plan.

The Council said that, whilst it continues to achieve success in preventing homelessness – which has risen nationally – the strategy focusses attention on  root causes of homelessness and rough sleeping such as domestic and substance abuse and a lack of affordable housing.

‘Affordable housing’ includes social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing, such as shared ownership, provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the open market.

Last year, through proactive work with developers and registered providers, Harborough District Council helped provide a record number of affordable homes in the Harborough district and, early indications show, that this year the Council looks set to achieve another record year.

The strategy also looks to bring more empty homes in to use, and improve standards in privately rented accommodation.

Ann Marie Hawkins, Head of Communities at Harborough District Council, said: “With the Harborough district being a relatively affluent area it can be increasingly difficult for young families and those on a low income to get on to the property ladder or find an affordable homes. This new strategy takes a holistic and proactive approach to ensure we do all we can to create the best housing opportunities for people of all ages and circumstances.”

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