Make sure you're registered to vote

Published Wednesday 17 July 2019

Harborough District Council's Annual Canvas is starting and, over the coming days, look out for a 2019 Household Enquiry Form arriving on your doorstep.

Your vote mattersBy Law, each year the Council is required to send a form to all households within Harborough District to check that the information it holds on the Electoral Register is correct.

On the inside of the form are the names of the people who are currently registered to vote at the household address. If the form is blank this means that no one is registered at the property. 

You are legally required to return the Household Enquiry Form so please complete and return the form by prepaid post or by using our online, telephone or text service as quickly as possible - before 9 August 2019. This will avoid you receiving reminders or a personal visit to obtain this information.

Details of the Council's online/telephone or text services and the circumstances in which residents can use these are set out in the Household Enquiry Form.

Why do I need to be on the register of electors?

  • Voting in elections & referendums – If you are not registered you will be unable to vote in elections and referendums. The Police & Crime Commissioner Elections are the next scheduled elections and will take place on 7 May 2020.
  • Applying for credit/mortgage/bank account –  If you’re not on the register of electors you may find it difficult to obtain credit. All credit reference agencies use the register of electors to confirm residency.
  • How will my information be used? – You can specify that your details are only available for the stated purposes (for electoral and credit reference purposes) and are not made available to other agencies and organisations (such as marketing companies).

For more information regarding voting or registering please visit or contact the Elections Team by emailing or calling 01858 821372. Or visit at The Symington Building, Adam & Eve Street, Market Harborough LE16 7AG.