New approach to having say on planning

Published Friday 23 August 2019

People who comment on planning applications in the Harborough district will no longer have their details published online from next month.

From 2 September 2019, Harborough District Council will no longer publish the names and addresses of those who provide representations for or against planning applications. The change will not apply to representations received on planning applications prior to 2 September 2019.

Any comments made on pending planning applications will be publically available to view via the Council’s website – but the names and addresses of those who submit them will not be published online – although this information needs to be included with the comments and will still be held by the Council as part of the planning application and may still be publicly accessible.  

Cllr Jonathan Bateman, Harborough District Council’s lead on development management, said: “We are making this change in response to various customer requests for their details to not be published on the internet. With an awareness of increased data rights for individuals under the GDPR and Data Protection Act, the Council has decided to review its practice to reflect these requests. People will still be required to provide their details if making a representation, to ensure their comments carry full weight in planning terms, but the names and addresses will no longer be published online.”

The changes will not apply to people who wish to speak, in person, at planning committee meetings.

For more information visit the Council’s website at