Update on Wells Close, Claybrooke Parva

Published Wednesday 20 November 2019

An application for a Certificate of Lawfulness has been submitted to Harborough District Council, regarding land at Wells Close, Claybrooke Parva.

A Certificate of Lawfulness seeks a decision from the local planning authority that a proposed use or works on a particular site does not require planning permission.

The application, which relates to the siting of residential caravans, must provide sufficient information for the Council to decide that all appropriate legal tests have been met.  The application must be decided on fact and not its compliance with planning policy in the Local Plan.  The public can make representations regarding an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

The application will be considered by Harborough District Council and a decision expected in six to eight weeks.

In June 2019, Harborough District Council obtained a High Court injunction, relating to the land at Wells Close, preventing the land owner from undertaking any unauthorised ground works, including the building of any structure or the siting of mobile homes.

An injunction states that no development, including ground works, shall take place on the land and that no caravans/mobile homes shall be sited on the land without planning permission or the written consent of the Council.  If the injunction is breached, the land owner will be guilty of contempt of court and could be sent to prison.

This injunction remains in place.

View and comment on the application for Certificate of Lawfulness  on the Council’s website using the reference 19/01790/CLU