Extra CCTV cameras to boost safety in district

Published Thursday 23 April 2020

More CCTV cameras are set to be installed in Lutterworth town centre, and a popular park in Market Harborough, later in the year.

cctv, camera, survellienceHarborough District Council said the new closed circuit television cameras will be introduced in Lutterworth town centre and in Welland Park in Market Harborough.

The exact locations and number of cameras will be confirmed once engineers have carried out surveys.

Whilst the installation has unfortunately been postponed by the outbreak of coronavirus and lockdown; the additional cameras will be included when the Council expands its CCTV system, using funds allocated in the Council’s 2020-21 budget.

The Council is continuing to enhance its CCTV coverage following on from new cameras being installed at Symington’s Recreation Ground, St Mary’s Road, and at the Kettering Road / Springfield Street roundabout in Market Harborough in recent years.Cllr Michael Rickman

Cllr Michael Rickman (pictured), Harborough District Council’s Cabinet lead for community safety, said: “We are delighted to be introducing more CCTV cameras to further boost public safety and confidence across the district. We have consulted Police about precise locations as well as including some useful suggestions from district councillors and residents. The installation will be a much larger and more complex project than those previously undertaken, but we wanted to respond to public demand for cameras in these locations.”

Whilst timescales are difficult to predict, due to the current uncertainty over the lockdown and access to suppliers, the Council hopes to have the cameras installed by late autumn.