Patrols to continue after town centre disturbance

Published Tuesday 7 July 2020

Police have said that patrols will continue after low level disorder in Market Harborough at the weekend but said a majority of pub goers were impeccably behaved.

Town centre pubs reopened to customers on Saturday, following the Government's easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, with the majority of pub goers in the district enjoying the evening without problems.
However, a very small minority did cause some issues in Market Harborough town centre and one arrest was made.
The issues were quickly dealt with and a Section 34 Dispersal Order was authorised giving Police the power to require people to leave the area and, working with local licensees, once the order was put in place the majority of those gathered left the area peacefully.

To prevent any further incidents of disruption, a number of premises made the decision to close their doors early.

Police and  Harborough District Council thanked pub owners for working positively with the authorities and praised the majority of pub goers who behaved appropriately. 

The Police and Council are continuing to work closely with partners, business owners and the local community to address concerns around anti-social behaviour in the area.

The Police said that patrols will continue, with other agencies including Harborough District Council, and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Photo courtesy of Leicestershire Police

Police in Square