Action taken to protect land in village

Published Tuesday 13 October 2020

Action has been taken to protect land in Claybrooke Parva which prevents unpermitted temporary buildings and structures.

On 13 October 2020, Harborough District Council served an Immediate Article 4 Direction through a Town and Country Planning Order on a 1.5 hectare area of land at Wells Close, Woodway Lane, Claybrooke Parva.

The Direction removes a specific permitted development right which will require the landowner to obtain planning permission for temporary buildings and structures. 

Planning permission is not usually needed to temporarily place buildings and moveable structures required in connection with other lawful building works on land. 

The Direction follows the granting of planning permission by the Council in September 2020 for stables and barn on a smaller part of the land.

The purpose of the Direction, making this work subject to planning permission, is to help protect the character and appearance of the area.