Council marks one year on from the start of lockdown

Published Tuesday 23 March 2021

Single cherry trees are being planted in two locations in the Harborough district to acknowledge the impact of Covid-19 one year since the first national lockdown began.

Harborough District Council has planted a tree in Welland Park, Market Harborough, to provide those who have experienced grief and loss with an opportunity toCllr Bilbie with cherry blossom tree for lockdown anniversary reflect and to honour those who have served their communities.

A cherry tree will be planted by the Council in Lutterworth Country Park in the coming days.

Cllr Stephen Bilbie, Chairman of Harborough District Council (pictured), said: “We hope that the cherry trees, which will blossom every March, will provide a focal point for people to reflect on how they, their loved ones and their community have been affected by the pandemic. The trees will also serve as a lasting tribute to those who have selflessly cared for people with the virus and provided invaluable support to people in their communities.”

Staff at the Council will join the national one-minute silence at 12 noon today (Tuesday 23 March). Harborough Market will also observe the silence in remembrance of the lives lost during the pandemic and to reflect on the collective impact that Covid-19 has had.

The flag on The Symington Building is also being flown at half-mast for the day in a symbol of reflection for events of the past year.