Flag of Leicestershire flying above The Symington Building

Published Friday 23 July 2021

Today (Friday 23 July 2021), we are flying, above The Symington Building, the new official Flag of Leicestershire.

On behalf of the ‘Flag of Leicestershire’ group, and at the request of Melton and Rutland MP Alicia Kearns, and her fellow Leicestershire MPs, we will be flying the flag today, and in future years, in celebration of Historic County Flags Day.

Flag of LeicestershirePreviously, Leicestershire was the only historic county without a registered flag, when after seven years of campaigning, the flag was entered into the Registry of UK County Flags by the Flag Institute in London, following a request from the Leicestershire Members of Parliament. 

Then, on the 19 July 2021, the flag was raised for the first time in Parliament Square, Westminster, as part of the display of the county flags of the United Kingdom, leading up to Historic County Flags Day.

The flag itself features a Running Fox, a popular element in Leicestershire sports clubs; a Five Petalled Flower (cinquefoil) a symbol for Leicester and Leicestershire for centuries past; Red and White Bands divided by a zigzag, a feature of the County Council flag and of the coats of arms of several local boroughs.

Flag of Leicestershire