Ambitious vision for Lutterworth’s town centre unveiled

Published Tuesday 7 September 2021

New meeting spaces, innovative artwork or statues, and the creation of a public plaza are just a few of the proposals being put forward as part of an ambitious vision for Lutterworth town centre.

The Lutterworth Town Centre Masterplan, produced by Harborough District Council with consultants TEP, aims to help strengthen the viability and vitality of Lutterworth’s historic town centre, and set out how the town can thrive as a destination for retail, leisure, and community events.

Ideas and proposals set out within the masterplan include new community spaces, improved walking and cycling access, characterful designs linked to heritage, and vehicle speed reductions in key areas – all with a view to “redefining the heart of the town and marketplace” and “redressing the balance between pedestrians and vehicles”.

Lutterworth town centre

The masterplan, which was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, was pulled together following a number of public consultations as well as two productive workshops with Lutterworth Town Council earlier this year, plus informal discussions with key stakeholders including the Lutterworth Retail Forum, Lutterworth Town Estates and Blooming Lutterworth.

It will provide a five-to-ten-year framework to make the town centre more attractive, by strengthening its market town character. New street furniture; signage; widened footways, soft and hard landscaping and public art could be introduced to integrate with the historic conservation area.

Cllr Phil King, Leader of Harborough District Council, said: “We want Lutterworth to remain an active destination town; this masterplan has been a consultative process and will aim to enhance the character and historic interest of the town, and encourages more visitors. I’d like to thank everyone whose input has helped produce such an ambitious and exciting vision.”

Lutterworth has historical provenance dating back to 1068. In 1214 Lutterworth was given the rights to hold markets. Part of the town centre’s key buildings for example the Shambles Inn and parts of St Mary’s Church date back to the 13th Century. In the 18th and 19th century the town became the posting station for the stagecoaches on the Leicester to Chester turnpike with many of the hotels from that period still in place such as the Greyhound, Denbigh and Hind.

The masterplan will build on that and look to enhance the town in exciting and innovative ways.

Harborough District Council’s Cabinet recommended it for approval on Monday 6 September 2021. A final decision on whether to adopt the masterplan will be made by Full Council on 27 September 2021.

View the Lutterworth Town Centre Masterplan here