Council to re-consult on ‘planning obligations’

Published Friday 5 November 2021

People are being invited to have their say on how the Council works with developers to help provide improved community facilities and infrastructure.

Harborough District Council is inviting feedback on its Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which sets out how the Council works with developers, landowners, infrastructure providers, stakeholders/partners and local communities to secure community infrastructure and affordable housing through ‘section 106 agreements’.

Site inspectionThe Council previously consulted the public on its draft Planning Obligations SPD, in December 2020, but due to significant amendments, as a result of changes in Government legislation, regulations, policies and guidance, it was agreed the public should be re-consulted.

‘Planning obligations’ are legally binding and enforceable if planning permission is granted. They are an effective way to secure and enhance local infrastructure and services, and to ensure that the impact of development can be adequately mitigated.

Cllr Phil King, Leader of Harborough District Council, said: “This is an opportunity for people to tell us how they would like to see us work with developers, and others, to get the best for communities across the district, and to ensure our approach remains relevant, robust and effective.”

The main amendments to the SPD include: 

  • Additional references to the Local Plan policies
  • A revised section on affordable housing which takes into account the Government’s proposals on First Homes [discounted market sale housing]
  • A calculation to recover the Council’s costs of monitoring developer contributions
  • Further information on waste and recycling facilities, including payment of contributions towards bins            

The six week re-consultation will run from Friday 5 November 2021 until Friday 17 December 2021 at 5pm.

Have your say at  

Comments should be as clear and concise as possible – eg. stating the relevant paragraph number being referred to. Feedback will go forward for consideration in the final document before adoption.