Crime-busting initiative expanded in Lutterworth

Published Friday 7 January 2022

A successful crime-busting initiative, which invites residents to improve safety and security at their homes, is being expanded in Lutterworth.

Last year, the Safer Streets scheme was launched in Lutterworth with more than 250 homes in the town centre taking advantage of a free security assessment, professional security advice and free security upgrades.

Safer Streets launch in Lutterworth

Now, the scheme is being widened to cover more of Lutterworth, with letters being sent out to residents this month asking if they would like to benefit.

The Home Office funded scheme is run by the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner's office, in partnership with local authorities, including Harborough District Council, and 24-7 Locks Ltd.

Work is also ongoing to install five new CCTV cameras in Lutterworth over the coming months.

Cllr Simon Whelband, Harborough District Council’s Cabinet lead for community safety, said: “We’ve had a really positive response to this scheme already, so it is great that it is being expanded to cover more homes in Lutterworth. It is completely free, and improving security at your home means you’re less likely to become a victim of burglary, so I strongly urge people to take advantage of this opportunity while they can.”

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews said: "The expansion of this project in Lutterworth is great news for residents. The security improvements being funded by Safer Streets are making it much more difficult for criminals to operate and giving well-deserved peace of mind to residents. If you are eligible for this scheme, please do take advantage of the offer and help us to keep Lutterworth safe."

Pictured: Robert Windsor and Nick Nearne of 24-7 Locks, Rupert Matthews Police and Crime Commissioner, Cllr Simon Whelband, Richard Nunn Mayor of Lutterworth and 24-7 Locks in Lutterworth