Opportunity for Market Harborough residents to improve their neighbourhood area

Published Thursday 12 January 2023

People who live or work in Market Harborough are being encouraged to join their local Neighbourhood Forum to help determine the future of the town.

The Forums are being set up by the Harborough Town Hub, an independent, non-party political volunteer group who, with the support of the District Council, the Hub is organising meetings and events to publicise the Forums.

The Chair of the Harborough Town Hub, Chris Durham, said: “Forum members will help to determine which priorities should be covered for their Neighbourhood Area, relating to a range of social, economic and environmental issues - what could be protected and what could be developed.” Examples may include community facilities, local development issues or traffic concerns.

“As there is no Town council, a designated neighbourhood forum is the best and recognised way to lead the neighbourhood planning process in a neighbourhood area.”

Each Forum group will consist of at least 21 people who live or work in the area or are elected members of the local authority covering the area. Elected Ward members are being encouraged to contribute.

The Little Bowden Neighbourhood Forum is the first to be formed and is currently going through the publicity phase of the designation process.

Leader of Harborough District Council, Cllr Phil King, said: “I hope residents of Market Harborough and people who work in the town take this opportunity to get involved with their local Neighbourhood Forum. People can really make a difference by helping to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shaping the development and growth of their local area.”

The meetings planned are for residents of the Logan Neighbourhood Area on Monday 16th January and the Welland Neighbourhood Area on Monday 23rd January. Meetings for the Town Centre and Arden forums will follow soon. Venues are yet to be confirmed but please email Simon Hobbs, the Neighbourhood Planning Engagement Officer on neighbourhoodplans@harborough.gov.uk to find out more.