Traders meet with council leader

Published Friday 4 August 2023

A group of traders have met with the leader of Harborough District Council, Cllr Phil Knowles, to discuss the recent event at Market Harborough Showground.

Cllr Knowles described the meeting as open and a frank exchange which he said he greatly appreciated and valued.  

"Officers and I heard at first hand details from the traders and importantly we heard details of other matters that the traders are confronted with regularly throughout the year. I was extremely grateful to the traders for their openness. It will prove extremely beneficial in moving forward. 

“It was also an opportunity for us to share with the traders the facts. Where responsibility rests for certain functions such as licensing, policing and highway matters. Where the ownership of the site and management rests. It was a chance to dispel rumours that have been peddled and replace them with details, dates and fact. 

“There is to be a major debriefing session of the multi-agency panel. Once that is completed, I have agreed with the traders that I will host a second meeting for them to meet with me as leader of the district council and that the date will be confirmed as soon as possible. The intention is to follow on from the discussion we have had, share detail following the debrief, encourage as many businesses as possible to attend and to look forward together.”

The council will contact as many businesses as possible to advise of the date and time of the meeting.

Any businesses wishing to attend a meeting at the council offices should email