Council stands with Ukraine on Independence Day

Published Wednesday 23 August 2023

Press release

Ukraine flag on the flagpole of The Symington Building
The Ukraine flag continues to fly on The Symington Building

Harborough District Council is reiterating its ongoing support for Ukraine and refugees who have relocated to the district, as the country marks both Ukrainian Independence Day and the 18-month anniversary of the invasion by Russia today (Thursday 24 August).

The council continues to fly the Ukraine flag and is turning the event lights on The Symington Building and around The Square to blue and yellow.

Harborough District residents are also being invited to show their support, by placing a sunflower in their window at home as it is the national flower of Ukraine.

Independence Day of Ukraine is the main state holiday in Ukraine and is celebrated on 24 August each year, in commemoration of the Declaration of Independence from the USSR in 1991.

Cllr Knowles, Leader of Harborough District Council, said: “Our thoughts are with Ukraine today and in particular the Ukrainian visitors who we have been privileged to welcome into our Harborough District community.”

For more information about how to support the people of Ukraine visit