Ashton Rise log play area, Linden Homes – clarification in view of recent media coverage

Published Tuesday 26 September 2023

Following recent media coverage of a log play area at Ashton Rise, Market Harborough, the council wishes to clarify the following information about provision for play by the developer, Linden Homes.

The council asked Linden Homes to provide a LEAP (Local Equipped Area of Play) and a LAP (Local Area of Play) on site. Linden Homes chose to provide two Local Areas for Play (LAP) in addition to a Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP). It was Linden’s choice to install the logs for young toddlers (a LAP) – they did not have to install any equipment. The LAP is complementary to the LEAP.
The LAP (Local Area for Play) would usually be an unequipped area. The LEAP is a larger area that has play equipment installed. The definitions from the Provision for Open Space Sport and Recreation are:
• A Local Area for Play (LAP) is a small area of open space, specifically designated and primarily laid out for very young children to play close to where they live (i.e. within 1-3 minute walking time). 
• A Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP) is an area of open space specifically designated and laid out with features including equipment for children who are beginning to go out and play independently close to where they live, usually within 5 minutes walking time. 
The council is therefore satisfied that the developer has met required play provision on this site. 

Ashton Rise Locally Equipped Area for Play (LEAP)

Ashton Rise Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP)

Ashton Rise Locally Equipped Area for Play (LEAP)

Ashton Rise Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP)