A high-tech solution is helping protect metal throughout the Harborough district from being stolen by metal thieves

Published Wednesday 18 June 2014

Harborough District Council has applied a SmartWater - a liquid used to track stolen property - to metal items in public areas such as car parks and play areas.

Containing 'DNA-style' coded information, the crime prevention fluid is invisible once applied, except under ultra-violet light. It will withstand burning and melting, making it harder for criminals to dispose of stolen metals. Once applied, it will make the metal items (plaques, play equipment etc) uniquely identifiable and has proved highly effective elsewhere in tracking down stolen metal and in tracing the criminals responsible.

Welcoming the move, Councillor Colin Golding, portfolio holder for Regulatory and Safety said “ We are very pleased to be involved in this scheme and are doing all we can to help to try and reduce this sort of crime. The SmartWater technology is very impressive and we hope it will help to protect the districts community facilities and the council’s assetts throughout the district.”

All items marked will be checked on an annual basis to ensure that markings are still visible and the solution will be re-applied if necessary.