Bid to find new potential sites for homes, jobs and other uses

Published Monday 26 January 2015

Developers, landowners and property agents are being encouraged to help identify any additional sites for potential development.

Harborough District Council has recently published its assessment of potential new housing sites in the District. This is known as the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). However, the Council is keen to ensure it has identified as many potential sites as possible, to meet expected development needs to 2031. 

Therefore the Council is calling on developers, landowners and property agents to provide information about any additional potential development sites. 

The Council is looking for sites to help meet the need not only for housing, but also for employment, retail and other town centre uses and also to accommodate gypsies and travellers.

All qualifying sites submitted will be assessed to ensure they can help to provide a supply of suitable, available and achievable land to meet future development needs. 

The assessment of these sites will form an important piece of the evidence base to inform the new Local Plan. It is important to note that the assessment itself will not determine whether a site should be allocated for development. This will be done through the new Local Plan

The closing date to submit sites is 5pm on Wednesday 25th February, 2015.

Guidance notes and the Site Suggestion Form are available to read and download from the Council’s website at

For more information, contact the Strategic Planning team at Harborough District Council on Tel: 01858 821160 or email