How do we protect and improve green spaces?

Published Monday 10 August 2015

How and where parks, green spaces and wildlife habitats are protected and enhanced is the focus of a new ‘vision’ for the district.

Harborough District Council has revised its Open Spaces Strategy following comments from the public earlier this year, and is inviting further feedback. 

The strategy aims to create a ‘vision’ looking at where existing open spaces should be improved or protected, and where new, innovative areas of green space should be introduced. It will also give a better understanding of how housing developers can help with the provision of open spaces to meet the needs of communities.

Issues covered in the consultation include:

  • Dog walking areas
  • Allotments & community gardens
  • Sports pitches and play area provision
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Creation of cycling and walking ‘greenways’
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Accessibility issues
  • Transport & Sustainability
  • Cemeteries

Residents, environmental and community groups, parish councils, landowners, and businesses, as well as those involved parks and open spaces in the district are urged to make their comments before the deadline of 2nd October 2015

Cllr Phil King, deputy leader of Harborough District Council, said: “The feedback we have received already has been extremely valuable; this is a further opportunity for residents and groups to have a genuine influence on the future of open spaces across the Harborough district.”

Share your views and view the full Open Spaces Strategy on the Harborough District Council website at