Dog control orders and alcohol zones feedback

Published Tuesday 1 March 2016

Feedback from the public – due to be published in March – about proposed new anti-social behaviour regulations are set to be discussed by district councillors.

Harborough District Council’s regulatory committee will meet on 15 March 2016 to look at the feedback collected from two public consultations held at the end of last year.

The Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 has introduced powers for Councils to bring in Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) to identify and address particular problems in their areas.

Related to this, the Council invited public feedback on proposals for new and enhanced powers to tackle dog fouling and other forms of irresponsible dog ownership.

The Council also invited public feedback on existing controlled drinking zone orders – known as Designated Public Places Orders – and the proposal to convert them to the new PSPOs. These are controlled drinking zones areas in which the police, or designated council officers, have the power to tell a person to surrender their alcohol for disposal. Market Harborough and Lutterworth town centres, including the recreation grounds, are the only designated places in the District where such powers are in force.

The public responses to both consultations will be published on the Council website on 7 March 2016, a week before the Regulatory Committee meeting. Paper copies will be available in The Symington Building.

Councillors are due to make recommendations based on the consultations at the meeting with any final decisions being made by Full Council on 18 April 2016.

View the agenda and public feedback on the Council website  (due to go live the week prior to the meeting)