Harborough Lifeline: Emergency home alarm service offers a real lifeline

Published Tuesday 3 May 2016

If you feel vulnerable on your own at home – or know someone else who might feel that way – a service is available which not only offers peace of mind but can also save lives.

Harborough Lifeline is Harborough District Council’s emergency home alarm service. It offers a real lifeline to anyone who wants to stay in their own home, and reassurance that someone is there to provide support or emergency help if needed.

Harborough Lifeline can provide anyone who feels vulnerable or alone with the peace of mind to enable them to keep their independence whatever their age or needs.

Harborough Lifeline offers an emergency alarm system that is installed into the home and is connected, via the telephone network, to the Lifeline Centre in Market Harborough.

In an emergency, at any time day or night, users can activate the alarm at the press of a button. This will put them in contact with an operator at our local control centre who will then contact a person or an organisation that can help - this may be a doctor, the emergency services, a neighbour, relative or friend.

With the support of Harborough Lifeline, help can be summoned or reassurance sought instantly, whenever it is needed and from any location in the home. Staff are highly trained, caring, and used to responding calmly and effectively in a crisis, this is why Harborough Lifeline is valued by our customers as an essential service to help them stay healthy, safe and independent – often for many years.

The service is available for a one off installation charge of £50 and an ongoing hire charge (for the lifeline alarm and pendant, and 24 hour 7 days a week monitoring) of £4.40 per week. These charges do not include VAT; however, in many cases, depending on the needs of the customer, VAT is not applicable.

Read more about using our Lifeline service and how you can subscribe.