Views sought on council tax support proposals

Published Thursday 4 August 2016

Changes to a scheme which offers relief on council tax to some people on low incomes are being considered by councils across Leicestershire.

Proposals have been made to reduce the amount of support people will receive under the Local Council Tax Support scheme. It means people who are currently helped by the scheme could pay more council tax in the future.

The changes are being considered by all councils across Leicestershire as they face continued reductions in Government funding and therefore either need to reduce services or make up shortfalls. Some of these savings could be met by making changes to the Local Council Tax Support scheme.

Under the current means-tested scheme, some people on low incomes only have to pay part of their annual council tax bill.

The four options being proposed are to make no change to the current level of support or to reduce the maximum level of support to 80 per cent; 75 per cent or 70 per cent.

Councils in Leicestershire have all agreed to look at these proposed changes jointly.

The consultation, being hosted by Leicester City Council, runs until 28 September 2016.

More details about the proposed changes and ways to have a say can be found at

If you need to complete a paper form you can download a copy from the council’s website at or by contacting the council’s customer services team on 01858 828282.