Workshop helps parishes secure community funding

Published Tuesday 20 September 2016

Benefiting from community contributions, provided by developers when new housing is built, was the focus of a workshop for parish councils.

Section 106 workshop

Harborough District Council invited parish councils and community groups from the Harborough district to The Symington Building in Market Harborough, on Thursday 15 September 2016, for a workshop on Section 106 funding.

Section 106 grants are contributions written into legal agreements with housing developers to mitigate against the negative impacts of development.

The aim was to improve their understanding of how they can assist in securing section 106 funding for their community as well as informing them of how to apply for the funding once secured.

In the last year, Harborough District Council has worked with parishes to allocate more than £800,000 in developer contributions for worthwhile local projects.

Those attending said they found the event very useful.

Roz Folwell, chairman of East Langton Parish Council said: “It was the first time I’ve been to something like this and it was very well-organised and covered all the different aspects.”

Keith Kilbane, chairman of Swinford Parish Council said: “It was a very beneficial workshop and helpful to understand the full process. We probably haven’t been making the best use of section 106 funding opportunities in the past but will from now on.”

Councillor Michael Rickman, Harborough District Council’s grants spokesman, said: “This was an innovative event and we had tremendous feedback. We were very happy with the number of people who attended and, although it was the first time we’ve done this, we definitely plan to hold it again in the future.”