Rubbish dumped in park to launch campaign

Published Friday 21 October 2016

A campaign, highlighting the blight of flytipping in Harborough district, was launched with a giant pile of rubbish dumped in a picturesque family park.

Harborough District Council launched the campaign on Tuesday 25 October 2016, and is asking the public to help stop those people who are disposing of rubbish illegally.

To raise awareness of its ‘Tip Off’ campaign – and the blight of flytipping on the picturesque district – the council piled up just a few days worth of flytipping in Welland Park in Market Harborough.

The rubbish was dumped in the council-owned park in controlled conditions.

The aim was to dramatically show how much waste is being dumped illegally in the district and to encourage people to support the Tip Off campaign and help catch the culprits responsible.

Cllr Neil Bannister, who has responsibility for environment and regulation at Harborough District Council, said: “We are getting tough on the irresponsible people who dispose of rubbish illegally but we need the help of the public to do it. We have invested in a number of covert surveillance cameras to target flytipping hotspots across the district and we now have the power to issue a £400 fine to anyone caught, without needing to prosecute them through the courts.”

Incidences of flytipping have more than doubled in the Harborough district in the last three years. This reflects a national and regional rise in flytipping.

As part of the Tip Off campaign residents are being reminded that even if they pay someone else to dispose of their rubbish it is the responsibility of the householder to make sure it is disposed of correctly. The householder will face prosecution and a hefty fine if their waste ends up being fly-tipped. The same applies to businesses.

A leaflet has been produced detailing the ‘dos and don’ts’ of disposing of rubbish for residents and businesses and offering advice to landowners. Anti-flytipping posters are also being distributed to businesses which have agreed to support the campaign.

Cllr Bannister added: “People who dump waste illegally have got to be stopped. Our cameras are watching and we’re urging people to report incidences to the council. By working together we can stop this blight on our lovely district.”

Report incidences of flytipping to Harborough District Council at