Decisions made at Full Council meeting – 23 February 2017

Published Friday 24 February 2017

The outcomes of items considered at Harborough District Council’s Full Council meeting on Monday 23 February 2017 are as follows:

Councillors approved an amendment to part of the Member Code of Conduct, in the event of a complaints hearing, following a recommendation from Ethical Governance Committee. The amendment was suggested to “provide structure, consistency and a fair hearing.” A paragraph of the Member Code of Conduct was amended to indicate that where the Chairman at any time during the meeting became satisfied there was no real evidence to support the complaint there should be a short adjournment of the meeting to decide whether the meeting should continue or not and then the meeting be re-convened to give the subject member the result of and reasons for the Committee’s decision.

Councillors approved the Treasury Management Strategy and Prudential Indicators for 2017/18. The Treasury Management Strategy is the management of the council’s investments and cash flows, its banking, and other transactions, the risks associated with those activities and the pursuit of optimum performance. The Council’s investment priorities are security first, liquidity second followed by return. The Council’s investment returns, and savings on borrowing costs generate in excess of £100K of income to support the overall budget. The strategy demonstrates that the three key principles of being affordable, prudent and sustainable are met in the Council’s plans for 2017/18. The council has continued its policy of being able to invest in Market Harborough Building Society and thus helping to support the local economy.

Councillors approved the council tax precept for Harborough District Council. For the first time in seven years, Harborough District Council has approved a rise to its share of the council tax bill but says the increase still represents excellent value for money and will help “futureproof” services. The council says the council tax increase of a £5 a year (3.12%), on the average Band D property, equates to less than just 10p a week and is still lower than its council tax precept was in 2014/15.
The council says, despite it receiving a £750,000 reduction in Central Government funding since last year, a “pro-active” budget process means no major cuts to public services are planned for the year ahead. Instead it proposes investment into play areas, disabled facility grants, tourism, apprenticeships, community grants, homelessness prevention, flytipping, and a number of other areas.
Cllr Rosita Page said at the meeting it was a “brilliant budget” and praised those who have put it together and that it “protects frontline services and vulnerable people.”
Cllr Phil King said: “We have a sound record of financial management and service delivery” and Cllr Blake Pain said: “We are being responsible and prudent in the approach we are taking.”

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