Tackling anti-social behaviour this Spring

Published Wednesday 29 March 2017

With the clocks going forward and the nights getting lighter, we would like to ask residents to think about those living around them whilst having fun and enjoying the great outdoors.

As part of the ‘Respect and Tolerate’ campaign, Harborough Community Safety Partnership are urging residents to think about their neighbours and not to cause an unnecessary nuisance, but also to be tolerant of people who are enjoying the nicer weather.

Inspector Gavin Drummond of Leicestershire Police said: “When the nights get lighter people tend to head outside to enjoy themselves, which is something we all look forward to. 

“However the increase in outdoor activities such as BBQ’s and parties can cause distress and upset to some residents. If you are having a party that might become noisy into the evening, it’s always a good idea to let your neighbours know so as not to cause any unnecessary upset.

“On the flip side we urge residents to be tolerant of people who are having the occasional late night gathering.

“The lighter nights can also bring an increase in people using parks and recreational areas, so again we would urge people using these areas to be mindful of people living around them.”

Throughout this campaign, Harborough Community Safety Partnership will work together to tackle any issues of anti-social behaviour and will be encouraging young people to become involved in more planned activities.

Local residents are encouraged to think about what constitutes anti-social behaviour and how, and when, to report it.

To report anti-social behaviour call the police on 101 or Harborough District Council on 01858 828282 (during working hours).

For further details on anti-social behaviour and reporting issues please visit http://www.harborough.gov.uk/communitysafety

For more details on physical activities for adults and young people, please look on the council’s website or ask at your local library.