Decisions made at Full Council meeting – 24 April 2017

Published Wednesday 26 April 2017

The outcomes of items considered at Harborough District Council’s Full Council meeting on Monday 24 April 2017.

Councillors have agreed to support the Local Government Boundary Commission for England’s warding pattern proposals for Harborough District Council as part an Electoral Review. This includes a reduction in the number of district councillors from 37, as it is currently, to 34.

However, following a meeting of the council’s Electoral Review Committee, councillors have asked that the Local Government Boundary Commission reconsiders its proposals for Lutterworth with a view to retaining the current four single-member wards, instead of recommendations to create two, two-councillor wards. Councillors stated that the current single-councillor wards in Lutterworth were proven to work and offered more effective representation for electors.

The LGBC’s draft recommendations propose 19 wards – seven single-councillor wards, three three-councillor wards and nine two-councillor wards – equating to 34 councillors in total.

A period of public consultation on the LGBC recommendations will finish on 8 May 2017.


View the Harborough District Council agenda and reports in full here