Understanding Council Tax

Where your money goes

Harborough District Council is responsible for collecting Council Tax for itself and the following authorities and organisations:

The guide below explains how your Council Tax bill is calculated, alongside useful information on Council Tax support, discounts and exemptions:

Council tax leaflet title page  

Council Tax Guide 2019-20

(PDF, 720Kb)

Council Tax Calculations 2019/20

Council Tax is calculated in accordance with the Local Government Act, 1992. The calculations are detailed in the document below:

Council Tax

Council Tax calculations 2019/20

(PDF, 250 Kb)

The Council produces two summary tables detailing charges for each area and the Council Tax bands, A to H. These tables are available to download below:

Council Tax
Appendix A

The District Council charge, Parish and Town Councils and Special Expenses 2019/20

(PDF, 81 Kb)


Council Tax
Appendix B

The total Council Tax for all precepting bodies 2019/20, shown on the bottom of your printed Council Tax bill

(PDF, 82 Kb)





Further details for the parishes of Broughton Astley and Lutterworth :



Broughton Astley

Further details for Broughton Astley

(PDF, 82 Kb)



Further details for Lutterworth

(PDF, 82 Kb)