Information for private landlords about Housing Benefit

Who can claim

Tenancy Consultation To apply for Housing Benefit your tenant must:
  • be the person liable to pay the rent
  • live in the property
A Tenant can claim whether they are working, unemployed, retired, receiving Income Support or any other benefits from the Department of Works and Pensions.


Who cannot claim

 Housing Benefit cannot normally be paid if the Tenant

  • Lives with and pays rent to a close relative
  • Used to live with their Landlord as a member of their family
  • Is renting their home that they used to share with their ex-partner
  • Is responsible for their Landlords child
  • Used to own the property they now rent
  • Live in the home as part of their job
  • Live in a Care home
  • Is a Full time student
If the tenant is not sure whether they can claim or not they should contact the Benefit Section for advice.