When building regulation approval is needed

When building regulations approval is needed

Building regulations approval is different to planning permission, and for the majority of proposed building works 2 separate applications are necessary. However, some minor work does not require building regulations approval.

View guidance on common projects and information about permissions you will need for the work.

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Our building control service ensures that buildings are constructed properly and in accordance with current standards and regulations. This is done by checking the information provided with the application (eg plans) and then inspecting the construction work as it progresses on site.

Apply for building regulations approval.

Demolishing a building

Unless it is minor demolition work under 50 cubic metres, anyone that wants to demolish a building must tell us 6 weeks in advance. Submit a demolition consent form.

We will then advise of any precautionary measures required (normally to the demolition contractor). A copy of this will then be forwarded to the occupier of any adjacent buildings and to the relevant authorities in order for them to take appropriate action such as the disconnection of gas, electricity and water supplies and the protection of their mains supplies.

You may also need planning permission for demolition work.