Approval after work has been completed

Approval for unauthorised work

If work has been carried out on your property without following the building regulations you may find problems arise when you try to sell your house – buyers may require a certificate saying that the work meets the regulations (this is known as a Regularisation Certificate).

We can consider work that was carried out without the submission of plans or giving of notice. An application for a certificate can relate to completed or partially completed work.

Apply for a certificate for work that has been started or completed (known as a Regularisation Certificate).

An application for a certificate can only be made when:

  • The work commenced after 11 November 1985
  • The work came within the scope of regulations
  • No application was made at the time


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What we will do

Before a Regularisation Certificate can be issued we must be reasonably satisfied that the works meet building regulations and that there is no risk to the health and safety of people in or around the property. In order to assess this we can ask the applicant to 'open up' work.

We will then either explain what additional works are required to meet regulation standards or issue a certificate indicating that the unauthorised works comply with the regulation

Building regulations approval is not the same as planning approval. You should always check whether or not a planning application is required.