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Community Safety campaigns

Noise Action Week

A week to raise awareness of the cost of noise to the health and well being of communities and individuals.

We will be running an online campaign, during 21st to 26th May, highlighting what you can do to reduce your noise impact, but if you are experiencing too much noise and you have approached the people making the noise, you can report it here

There is further information about the national campaign available on the noise action week website.


Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime - We continue to raise awareness of cyber crime, and this month we have been using social media to raise awareness of Computer Software Fraud.

· NEVER allow a cold caller remote access to your devices

· If you receive a call asking you to install apps/software - #HANGUP

· No legitimate business will cold call to assist with tech problems

· Your Internet Service Provider / Broadband provider WILL NOT cold call you about problems with your devices or your IP address – Always #HANGUP

You can find more advice on


Safer Summer

This year Incorporating the World Cup, the partnership will be attending a number of community events throughout the summer to raise awareness of various issues such as anti-social behaviour, domestic violence, acquisitive crime, and hate.  We will also have a couple of adverts placed on HFM so keep your ears keen.


Ask for Angela

A campaign enabling people who might feel uneasy on a date in pubs and clubs to discreetly approach staff and request assistance is being rolled out.

Available at participating venues throughout Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative aims to provide customers with a way to remove themselves from an uncomfortable situation while on a date.

The “ask for Angela” phrase can be used to gain assistance from staff members in order to be separated from the company of someone with whom they feel uncomfortable or unsafe due to that person’s actions, words or behaviour.

By “asking for Angela”, an individual is alerting staff that they require help. They will be taken aside, or to a safer location, so they can speak in confidence to that staff member about what assistance they need.

Options available to staff include: offering to call a taxi for the individual; providing a safe place for them to contact their friends or family; or requesting that the individual causing the distress leaves the venue.

More information and details on venues taking part in the scheme can be found on

Ask for Angela posters

You can pick up a poster / toilet door sticker from the concierge at The Symington Building or you can download the poster here, and the instructions for venues here.