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Celebrate Safely

Pumpkins and candles

With Hallowe'en and Fireworks Night on the way, the Celebrate Safely campaign is offering some important advice to ensure people have fun whilst respecting others:

  • If trick or treating, only visit places you know won’t mind a visit, and respect the 'No trick or treaters signs'
  • Be considerate to others 
  • Ensure children are always accompanied by an adult
  • Keep to well-lit areas, wear reflective clothing and carry a torch

If you don’t want trick and treaters at your door you can download a 'Trick or Treaters No Thanks' poster here.

To reduce disturbance for people and animals, and to prevent firework night incidents and accidents, we would strongly urge you to attend an organised firework display. 

If you do intend on holding your own:

  • Talk to your neighbours and inform themCelebrate Safely logo
  • Only buy fireworks from a legitimate retailer
  • Check the fireworks you buy are suitable for the size of garden and conform to British Standard (BS 7114)
  • Always store fireworks in a metal box, kept closed between use - never put fireworks in your pocket
  • Never hold a lit firework and always wear gloves when holding a sparkler

Remember it is illegal if you possess a firework and you’re under 18 years old, set off fireworks after midnight on 5 November, or set off fireworks (including sparklers) in the street or public place
Breaking these laws can result in an on the spot fine of £90.



Antislavery charity Unseen is launching a new campaign in March to raise awareness and reporting of labour abuse among clothing workers in the Leicester area.   #endexploitationnow is urging people to get in touch with Unseen's Modern Slavery & Exploitation helpline if they:

  • think they are the victim of labour abuse or
  • they know someone who is being exploited.  

There is a 24 - Hour helpline on 08000 121 700 to call for advice on what to do.  All calls are free, confidential and can be conducted in more than 200 languages. 



Domestic Abuse

Reports of domestic abuse have been increasing across the district since lockdown.  We could put this down to increased awareness of reporting, or, sadly, due to an increase in incidents of domestic abuse.  Either way, we are always working to improve awareness of UAVA, this is the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland service for supporting people affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence.  For more information, have a look at their website, or for support please call 0808 80 200 28, in an emergency, always call 999.


Police Beat Newsletters

Please see the latest police beat newsletter for Lutterworth and for Harborough and the Bowdens.


Community Safety Partnership Newsletter

In this edition there is information on the Countryside Code, Hate Crime Awareness and how to report, Anti-Social Behaviour and Mediation and much more. 

Download the February 2021 CSP newsletter



Loneliness can affect so many people in many ways at different times in their lives and can lead to an increased risk of some mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, sleep problems and stress. It affected approximately 10% of residents of Harborough District before the effects of COVID 19.  Leicestershire Communities, have produced a guide to tackling loneliness, either as a lonely person, or as someone who could make a difference in someone else’s life. 

There are also lots of different organisations you can join to help tackle loneliness, like befriending services such as VASL (Voluntary Action South Leicestershire). It is particularly important following this year, where social distancing and isolation have become the norm.