Taking Action

Action against anti-social behaviour

If anti-social behaviour is affecting you, completing a diary sheet record of the behaviour can help us establish what can be done by the Community Safety Partnership or Environmental Health team.

If anti-social behaviour continues there are a number of actions that may be taken including, in order:

  1. Verbal or written advice
  2. A warning letter is issued
  3. Acceptable Behaviour Contract - if the first 2 stages fail, a written contract will be proposed to those in question clarifying what is acceptable behaviour
  4. If needed a court application for an Injuction to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance (IPNA) or a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) could be made to enforce minimum standards of behaviour within the community

Victims of anti social behaviour can have 10 main expectations from the Community Safety Partnership:

  1. Your report or complaint will be taken seriously
  2. You will be treated sympathetically and in confidence
  3. All reports and complaints will be assessed to determine the appropriate type of response and whether urgent or not
  4. You will be kept up to date on the progress of enquiries and actions taken
  5. Should you require support as either a victim or witness all available and suitable services will be provided
  6. Your complaint will be recorded and the information shared with the police or other services unless you request otherwise - any restrictions on sharing such information may prevent an effective solution being provided
  7. We will send out a consistent and clear message that anti social behaviour will not be tolerated
  8. You will be encouraged to take ownership of your neighbourhood through attending police surgeries and community forums - this will allow communities to identify local concerns and be part of the solution to problem solving anti social behaviour
  9. There will be weekly reviews of all current complaints of anti social behaviour with particular emphasis on repeat victims and any aspects of vulnerability.
  10. You have the right to complain at any time about any aspect of our failure to meet these standards. To make a complaint, please email communitysafety@harborough.gov.uk