Apply to join the Housing Register

Am I Eligible to Join the Housing Register?

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to join the housing register you must fulfil certain criteria, this is because there are only a small amount of properties every year and these must go to those in most need.

  • You must have a local connection to the district.

See more information on local connection here.

  • You must have a need to move.

This could be because you need a bigger or smaller property, because your current property is no longer affordable or because you have a medical need to move to an adapted property. You will not be allowed onto the housing register if you do not have a need to move or you are looking for a like-for-like transfer to another property. You can speak to your current Housing Association Landlord about a mutual exchange or look on national websites such as or or look on Facebook Groups.

  • You must be able to sustain your own tenancy.

This means that you are able to pay the rent and bills by yourself (including applying for benefits), or you are able to do this with support in place. Harborough District Council does not have access to any supported accommodation, so if you have a need for any type of supported accommodation you must contact Leicestershire County Council adult social care to discuss this option.


What would make me not qualify for the housing register?

There are a number of reasons that you may not qualify for the housing register:

  • If you are subject to immigration controls.

This means that if you are identified as falling under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 and you do not have recourse to public funds then you may not be eligible to join the housing register.

  • If you do not have a local connection.

Exceptions to this are if you are a member or former member of the armed forces or if you are fleeing violence and you are working with the council as homeless.

  • You have the financial means to resolve your own housing need.

If you have an excess of the income and savings thresholds then you would usually be considered to be able to resolve your own housing needs. For example, you may have enough money to buy or rent a property outside of the housing register. Remember, the housing register is only for those in most need of housing who have no other options. There may be exceptions to the income threshold if you need certain accommodation which cannot be found or is not affordable on the open market such as independent living schemes for older people or adapted properties.

  • If you are guilty of unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make you unsuitable to be a tenant.

This is a behaviour that would be serious enough that a landlord would likely have taken action against, such as certain criminal offenses like arson, domestic abuse or anti-social behaviour. We will take into account when the behaviour took place, the length of time that has elapsed and whether there has been a change in circumstances. For example, if you were previously evicted but you then had a tenancy at a hostel and you had a good reference from the hostel then we may allow you to join the housing register.

  • If you have a housing-related debt which is not being repaid.

A housing-related debt can include rent arrears, court costs or temporary accommodation charges. It can also include debts for damages on a property. A payment plan should be in place, it should be affordable to you and can be as little as £5 per month and we would expect to see evidence of this. Exceptions to this are where there is an overriding housing need, such as if you are homeless and you cannot currently afford a payment plan.