Apply to join the Housing Register

What is a Local Connection?

A local connection to join the housing register is:

  • (a) They have normally resided in settled accommodation in the District for at least two years preceding application, (an exception will be made for homeless applicants who do not meet the 2 year residence criteria in Local Connection, where the Council has a statutory duty to discharge to a homeless household).
  • (b) They, or a member of their household is employed on a permanent basis or a temporary contract running for a minimum of twelve months, within the district (confirmation will be required from the employer)
  • (c) Having parents, brothers, sisters or adult children and step equivalents (aged 18+ years) who are living in the district now and have done so far at least the past five years in settled accommodation and where a meaningful relationship exists.
  • (d) They have no local connection but are fleeing violence or threats of violence and have been accepted as priority homeless by the Council. 
  • (e) Other special circumstances may exist, and all applications will be considered on their individual circumstances.  


A Parish Connection:

Sometimes properties are advertised with a Parish Connection, this is part of the planning requirements for some developments and it means that only people who have a connection to a certain parish or village can apply to live in one of these properties. A Parish Connection is usually defined as:

  • They have lived in the village for the last five years
  • They work permanently in the village (at least 15 hours a week)
  • Their Mother was living in this village when they were born or previously lived in the village for 5 years or more
  • They have close relatives who have lived in the village for at least five years (close relatives are defined as parents, children, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren)
  • They need to move to the Parish to be close to a relative or other person in order to provide or receive significant amounts of care and support