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How Lutterworth Food Bank has been helping during the COVID19 Pandemic

During this time of unprecedented crisis due to Covid-19, the services of our Foodbank are needed more than ever. The most vulnerable people in our communities, who were already struggling, are now facing further challenges due to the pandemic. 

Since the pandemic began, we have seen almost a 100% increase in the number of 3-day food parcels we have distributed across our two centres in Lutterworth & Countesthorpe, in comparison to the same time last year. 

We are working with many local agencies including Harborough District Council Community Hubs plus front-line professionals to offer support to our clients by providing emergency food and supplies to families referred to us in financial crisis. As part of The Trussell Trust, we are campaigning for the day when our services are no longer needed but we know that for the foreseeable future, we will need to play a crucial part in supporting the most vulnerable amongst us. Do check out The Trussell Trust website for more information on the campaigns that you can support. www.trusselltrust.org

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our wonderful communities and local businesses who all continue to support us. Over 5.5 tonnes of food have been donated to date in May 2020 alone! Thank you also to those of you who continue to donate financially regularly online to us via our website or by popping items into our supermarket collecting bins. Please do check our website for the latest, most urgently needed items and your nearest donation point.

Our fantastic team of volunteers of course include those who have had to shield or isolate themselves from this dreadful virus but they all continue to support us from afar. We are still operating although we have stream-lined our operation to ensure the safety of our operational volunteers and continue to tweak our operation as things evolve but over the past few weeks, things have settled into a pattern which is working extremely well. We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers who are working so hard to ensure we can keep operating safely while still providing our essential service. 

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the lovely team of drivers from Harborough District Council who have helped us out with all the home deliveries of food parcels, allowing our volunteers to concentrate on packing the parcels and collecting the food donations, plus all the local front- line referral agencies we work with who have adapted to our new procedures so well and have continued to support their clients in need. Food parcel

One volunteer said: “I have felt privileged to have something useful and practical to do during the current crisis. We have been busier than ever, both in terms of clients and donations coming in. Individuals have been so generous. You would not believe the number of loo rolls we were given at the height of the panic! I have been very conscious of my role in enabling so many generous people to give direct help to those in need.”

As we move into the next phase of this pandemic, our focus is on continuing to operate safely and also to ensure that we are able to continue in our mission to ensure that those in financial crisis in our communities are able to access our services. We will continue to adapt to the changing situation and I know that with the support of our local communities, we can continue to be there for the people who need us most, for as long as they need us. 

Remember that we continue to be here to help those in our communities experiencing financial crisis for whatever reason. If you are in need, or know someone who is, please do contact us (below) for more information on how we are currently operating. 

Please do check our website www.lutterworthvillages.foodbank.org.uk

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Thank you all for your support.