Great Glen Community

Great Glen community pull together to support residents during Coronavirus

Written by a Great Glen Parish Clerk

Great Glen want to recognise the efforts of lots of people within the village that have provided help and support for each other during this difficult time.

Reverend Kim Ford liaised with the Parish Council to set up a volunteer scheme where names of volunteers were sought by means of a mailshot around the village. The names were collected by the Parish Council, and they were numerous, so our thanks to everyone who came forward.

Volunteer names and contact details were then passed to Reverend Kim and people in need were advised to contact her and a volunteer would be allocated. She also set up a book and puzzle swap in the church porch which is still running and is very successful.

The Post Office, Sue and Graham Parkinson and the staff changed the manner in which they worked, re-stocking items so that they could provide a delivery service for those in need. This has been really popular and they have helped many people in the village.

Thank you signage

The staff at the Co-op store have come into work each day to serve the customers, and even deliver items on their way home to vulnerable people.

The local chemist, County Pharmacy, Divyesh Patel and staff have delivered prescriptions to those self-isolating when possible, and when not able, they have contacted volunteers to ensure that individuals have all had their medication when needed.   

Dolly’s Tea Room have offered a delivery service of items often difficult to obtain elsewhere, such as flour. They have changed the way their business has run to be able to deliver pre-cooked meals to residents, opened for a takeaway burger night each week and are now offering a takeaway Sunday lunch service.

Pennbury Farm have extended their range of fresh goods in the shop so that you can pre-order milk, bread, eggs etc and collect by arrangement.

A resident author even recently shared details of a little-known local walk which was published before the latest bank holiday weekend and was well used by families from the village.

There have been many more acts of kindness by volunteers all too numerous to mention but our thanks go to all of you.

This has really brought the village together.