The Coronation of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen Consort


Are you organising an event in the Harborough district?

Tell us about your event and get advice

The council is not responsible for approving or managing events within the Harborough district other than those which take place on council-owned land. The vast majority of events do not take place on council land, however, we will be involved if an event needs a licence such as for the sale of alcohol.

Event organisers are responsible for ensuring that all necessary permissions and licences are in place before an event goes ahead, including relevant permissions from the landowner.

For events that affect the highway, including pavements and road closures, there is advice on what you need to do on Leicestershire County Council’s website

We would like to know about events that are taking place in the district, no matter how small or large.

Please tell us about your event and find advice in our events toolkit.

Put your event on the map

You can submit details of your event or activity for inclusion on the official Coronation interactive map and events listing, which will be promoted in the weeks and months leading up to the Coronation.