Call For Sites

About Call for Sites

Harborough District Council’s Call for Sites will re-open during the Issues and Options (Regulation 18) public consultation, between 16 January to 27 February 2024.
The Call for Sites is an opportunity for landowners, developers, agents, and site promoters to submit sites within or partially within Harborough District which are considered to have potential for development. We are welcoming the submission of potential sites for a wide range of land uses.
There is no maximum size of site, however, sites should meet the following criteria to be included in the assessment: 
• It is wholly or partially within the Harborough District. 
• For housing, it is capable of accommodating at least 5 new homes
• Sites with potential to provide Gypsy and Traveller accommodation, (no minimum size threshold)
• For economic development (e.g. employment or retail) it can provide a minimum of 0.25 ha of developable land (or is capable of accommodating 500 sqm of floorspace)
Please do not submit sites which were previously submitted for assessment in 2021, unless the extent of the site has significantly changed.
If you wish to provide significant new evidence of developability in relation to a previously assessed site, you do not need to resubmit all the site information, instead please email, quoting the site reference number as published in the 2021 Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).
We encourage those submitting large, strategic scale sites to work collaboratively with adjoining landowners/promoters, where appropriate, to ensure that a coordinated and comprehensive approach is taken in establishing their development potential.
Sites can be greenfield or previously developed (brownfield) land.
Each site submission will require the completion of a separate online form. The sites received will be assessed in an update to the 2021 SHELAA, which helps the Council to understand where land is potentially available for development.
All sites need to be submitted using our online form which is accessed via Harborough District Council’s Strategic Planning Consultation Portal, within ‘Current Consultations’. The form automatically saves your progress, therefore next time you log-in a saved draft will be available to use when you are ready to resume your session. You can also plot your site map as part of the online submission, user guidance for the new mapping tool is available to read on screen here, or as a PDF download here.
If you are already registered with the Harborough District Council Strategic Planning Portal, simply log-in with your usual credentials and select ‘Call for Sites 2024’ in ‘Current Consultations’. If you are not yet a registered user, you will need to register to proceed with a site submission.
Further details about the Call for Sites are set out in the accompanying Frequently Asked Questions.
Please take a moment to read the Council’s Privacy Policy before submitting your site. Please be aware that site details will be made public upon publication of the SHELAA.
If you have any questions about the Call for Sites please contact us by emailing