Positive step forward in meeting housing needs

Published Tuesday 11 September 2018

A major milestone has been reached in helping make sure the right development happens in the right place across Harborough district.

New figures, just published, show that Harborough District has achieved a five year housing supply – a significant step forward in meeting local housing need.

The latest data – updated following changes to the way the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework calculates housing supply figures – shows that the Council has a current housing supply of 6.94 years.

To encourage the supply of housing nationally, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires all local authorities to have a ‘five year housing land supply’ which identifies sites that can be developed within a five year period.

In order to address national housing targets and ensure houses are built, the Government has made clear to local authorities the need to have a ‘five year housing land supply’ in place or risk housing developments being imposed upon them in locations which may fall outside sites agreed in approved planning policy documents such as the Core Strategy or Local Plan.

Councillor Phil King, Harborough District Council’s deputy leader and portfolio holder for planning, housing and regeneration, said: ”This is a huge step in the right direction. It puts the Council in a stronger position and gives us more control in helping make sure development happens in the most suitable location. Whilst `changes to the way housing supply is calculated has undoubtedly helped us achieve this milestone, a lot of hard work has gone into reaching this point over the last few years.”

Planning permissions are expected to provide around 3,875 homes over the next 5 years, with a further around 1,865 homes to be delivered in the following years through to 2031.

The proposed Harborough Local Plan, due to be adopted next year, will set out how the Council’s five year housing supply will be maintained over the coming years.

More details regarding the 5 year housing land supply can be found on the council’s website here